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My traineeship in Raw material department

Lukasz, Südzucker Polska
26 Jahre
Trainee Agrar
Deciding for the eighteen-month traineeship in raw material department of Südzucker you should be aware, that during this time you will meet deeply not only matters of sugar beet cultivations, process of sugar production, rules of sugar market and so on, but also (or maybe first of all) you will learn how to face new challenges.
I remember my first day in Südzucker. Kasia, who is responsible for organization of my trainee program said:
-Lukasz, I have some good news, you will get official car!
-but you know Kasia…I’m not the best driver and…
- come on! Even don’t say like that
Yes. It happened over one year, and 25 000 km ago.
During this time I visited eight countries and eighteen sugar factories. Everyone who whenever began work in new place, knows how hard it is at the beginning – starting from usage of new copy machine, and finishing on SAI survey analyze, regarding EU law regulations. People who I met in all of these locations came out very helpful and friendly. Wherever I’ve been I could expect support and knowledge from my colleagues, either in my home county, or abroad.
Range of tasks and responsibilities which trainees meet is extraordinarily diverse. For sure someone who wants to become trainee in Südzucker will have no chance to fall in routine. In one day you can work with colleagues from field trials department, helping them in sugar beets seeding, discovering by the way environmental conditions of region, beet cultivation technologies, beets varieties and topic of trials, to next day be responsible for collecting data in order to estimate soil conditions in area of each sugar factory. Once I had such day, when I was drinking morning coffee in Vienna, I was eating Hungarian goulash in Budapest, and during evening dinner I was talking with my trainee-colleagues in Belgium!
Over one year ago in my hands fell article which defined “comfort zone” as area where we feel safely and self-confident. Area which we know well, but which is not limited only to space, but also area which concern activities we make, and challenges we face every day. During this trainee program I’ve many time exceeded my comfort zone: searching accommodation for myself, during my first presentation in English, working with various projects, meeting new people or even traveling for the first time by air. Looking for all this activities from a distance I can say that I don’t regret anything. Last months definitely extended my comfort zone, and I strongly believe, made me a better man.