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Annual general meeting 2009/10

Annual general meeting 2009/10
Invitation and Agenda
for the Annual General Meeting 2010
Download (PDF, 1.1 MB)

Documents to the agenda

Documents to TOP 1
Present the adopted annual financial statements
and management report and the approved
consolidated financial and management reports
for the 2009/10 financial year
Annual report 2009/10 Link
Financial statements Südzucker AG 2009/10 Link
Information pursuant to articles 289 paragraph 4,
315 paragraph 4 of German Commercial Code
and commenting report
Download (PDF, 84.72 KB)
List of participations pursuant to
article 313 para. 2 number 4
German Commercial Code
Download (PDF, 116.93 KB)
Documents to TOP 6
Amend the Articles of Incorporation regarding the
procedure for calling and holding the annual general
meeting, in particular to align with the German act
to implement the shareholders' rights directive (ARUG)
Executive board and supervisory board move that it be
resolved that articles 14 and 15 and article 16, paragraph 4
of the Articles of Incorporation be revised by inserting
a new paragraph 5 and reworded as follows:
Articles of incorporation as amended
on 21st July 2009 with amendments to be resolved
Download (PDF, 55.02 KB)
Documents to TOP 7
Grant authority to buy back shares including
utilization with exclusion of shareholder
subscription rights
Executive board report for TOP 7 Download (PDF, 90.47 KB)
Documents to TOP 9
Approve the executive board remuneration policies
Compensation report Download (PDF, 52.92 KB)