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How many employees does Südzucker have?

How many permanent employees and campaign workers are there?
Depending on the size of the sugar factory, between 50 and 300 people are permanently employed. The number of campaign workers is between 20 and 35.

What do the staff do after the campaign?
Industrial staff are mainly occupied in maintaining the plant and implementing investment projects.

Are apprentices trained?
There is a wide range of training places at Südzucker works: in clerical occupations or as an electronic technican, industrial mechanic, or chemical laboratory assistant. Apprentices account for over 10 % of the staff, which means that Südzucker is well above the German average in this respect.

How many apprentices are taken on by Südzucker after training?
Südzucker offers jobs to as many trainees as possible after their training. Experience has shown that skilled workers who have been trained by Südzucker also have excellent opportunities on the free labour market, because of the high quality of their training.

Are the staff represented by a trade union?
Staff are represented by the Gewerkschaft Nahrung-Genuss-Gaststätten (NGG) (Food, Beverages and Catering Workers' Union). Südzucker is governed by means of co-determination, and staff representatives occupy half of the positions on the supervisory board.
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Does the sugar industry have its own collective wages and salaries agreement?
The collectively agreed pay of staff is mainly based on collective agreements with the Food, Beverages and Catering Workers' Union (NGG).

How is shift work organised?
There are a number of different shift arrangements at Südzucker, from 3-shift and 4-shift arrangements during the sugar beet campaign to 5-shift arrangements in all-year production segments.

Do staff work flexitime?