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Sugar beet cultivation

How many farms produce sugar beet for Südzucker?
About 18,000 in Germany, Europe-wide about 42,600 for the Südzucker Group.

What are sugar beet delivery rights?
A farm needs delivery rights to cultivate sugar beet. Delivery rights of this type can be traded between farms.

Can any farm cultivate sugar beet and supply it to Südzucker?
Südzucker only buys sugar beet from farms with active sugar beet delivery rights.

How many sugar beet are grown per hectare?
80,000 to 90,000 sugar beet are grown per hectare.

What is the "Bodengesundheitsdienst" (BGD)?
The BGD is a subsidiary of Südzucker. It offers services to agriculture, for example soil examinations: The farmer takes a sample of the soil. This is tested by BGD for all the important nutrients. The farmer is given a precise fertilisation recommendation on the basis of the results of the examination.