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Product characteristics of sugar

For how long can sugar be stored?
At 20 °C (± 5°C) and a relative air humidity of 65 %, sugar can be stored for virtually an unlimited period.

Is fine sugar sweeter than coarse sugar?
Fine and coarse sugar are equally sweet. It is possible that the larger surface area of fine sugar makes it seem sweeter if it is consumed on its own.

Is too much sugar bad for the teeth?
Damage to teeth resulting from products containing sugar can be avoided if teeth are cleaned regularly and properly: clean teeth do not go bad.

Is sugar fattening?
Sugar is a carbohydrate containing only 4 kcal/g, as opposed to fat with 9 kcal/g and alcohol with 7 kcal/g. No single foodstuff is fattening on its own. The total number of calories is the crucial factor.

Is brown sugar healthier than white?
No. It is a common misconception that brown sugar is healthier than white. This misconception may have arisen a long time ago, when sugar was still whitened with bleaching agents or dyed with chemicals.
Südzucker don´t use bleaching agents or dyes, it obtains pure sugar by means of repeated recrystallisation. Brown sugar only contains very small concentrations of trace elements, which only affect the taste.