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Sale of sugar

Why is brown sugar more expensive than white sugar?
Südzucker makes brown sugar from already saleable white sugar. An additional production stage, using sugar cane syrup, is required in order to produce brown sugar. This additional process makes the product more expensive than white sugar.

What kind of sugar is sold in packets branded as "Gloria" or "Ja" sugar, for example?
The quality criteria for white crystal sugar are laid down in the regulation on the types of sugar. This regulation essentially makes a distinction between refined and white sugar. Lower qualities are not sold in Germany.

Does Südzucker also supply sugar in customers' packaging?
As well as supplying sugar under its own brand, Südzucker also packages sugar under retailers' brands.

Are sugar and pellets sold in a factory shop?

Where is the sugar sold?
Our sugar is sold mainly in southern Germany, but also in other regions of Germany and the EU and on the world market.

Does Südzucker have competitors?
In addition to the two big suppliers in western and northern Germany and sugar dealers and importers, European sugar producers are also represented on the German market.

Which industries buy sugar?
Confectioneries, beverages, biscuits, dairy products, preserved food, baking, chemicals and pharmaceuticals.
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