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Sugar factories

How many sugar factories are operated by Südzucker?
Südzucker operated 9 sugar factories in Germany. Overall, the entire sugar group has 29 sugar factories in Europe and 3 refineries.
Status at: May 2014
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How much does it cost to build a new sugar factory?
Capital expenditures of over EUR 250 million would now be required to build a new sugar factory in Germany.

Is it possible to visit sugar factories?
Südzucker offers tours of all its German works during the campaign, i.e. as a rule from the beginning of October to mid-December. You can obtain information about tours from the individual works in question.
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Does the factory have its own fire brigade?
100 years ago, each sugar factory had its own fire brigade. Today, this is only the case for a very small number of factories, since the works collaborate closely with local fire brigades.