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Sugar beet - sugar cane

What is the difference between sugar produced from sugar beet, sugar cane and raw sugar?
Beet sugar is processed from sugar beet and cane sugar from sugar cane. Raw sugar usually means brown sugar that still contains components from the sugar beet or sugar cane.

Is beet sugar better than cane sugar?
There is no difference between white crystal sugar that is produced from sugar beet or sugar cane.

What is the sugar yield per hectare of beet and cane?
An area under cultivation of one hectare yields sufficient sugar beet to produce 10 tonnes of sugar in Germany. The sugar yield of sugar cane is of the same order. Yields vary very considerably from country to country and year to year, both in the case of sugar beet and of sugar cane.

Is sugar cane also used in Europe?
Only sugar beet is grown and processed into sugar in central Europe, for climatic reasons. A large volume of cane sugar products are made from imported sugar cane by our French subsidiary, Saint Louis Sucre (SLS).