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Share data

Market capitalization1EUR million3,0144,921
Freefloat-market capitalizationEUR million1,0251,673
Number of shares issued at EUR 11million shares204.2204.2
XETRA closing price1EUR14.7624.10
High for the year (Xetra)EUR24.2725.45
Low for the year (Xetra)EUR14.7313.57
Avarage trading volume/day2thousand of shares1,222777
Cumulative trading turnoverEUR million5,5754,199
MDAX closing rate1Punkte26,27523,366
Performance Südzucker share (01.03.-28./29.02.)3%-37.276.1
Performance MDAX (01.03.-28./29.02.)%20.320.3
Dividend yield%3.01.9
Earnings per shareEUR1.001.05
1) Balance sheet date.
2) Total daily trading volume on all German stock exchanges where the share ist admitted for trading.
3) Südzucker total return index, considers share development and dividend distribution.