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Investor Relations

Corporate Governance

Corporate governance aims to ensure that companies are managed and controlled responsibly and that they provide lasting shareholder value. Effective and efficient cooperation between the executive and supervisory boards forms the basis of transparency and fulfills the need to keep shareholders and the public comprehensively informed in a timely manner. Südzucker AG has published this corporate governance report in consideration of the rules of the German Corporate Governance Code dated 5 May 2015.
Effective corporate governance is a given at Südzucker and has been an integral part of its policies for many years. The company's practice is consistent with the recommendations of the German Corporate Governance Code and compliance is a key executive board and supervisory board responsibility.
Südzucker regards the current version of the German Corporate Governance Code dated 5 May 2015 as largely balanced, practical and of a high standard when compared internationally. As in previous years, we have thus not found it necessary to prepare an individual, company-specific code. With a few exceptions, we comply with the recommendations of the code.


Declarations of compliance

Declarations of compliance of prior years you will find in our