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Südzucker Compliance Line

Information about compliance-related matters

Compliance is a top-priority matter for the Südzucker Group. Complying with rules and regulations is the only way to protect the company, its employees and its business partners from infringements and inappropriate behaviour.
Employees or business partners may become aware of processes or transactions that do not comply with these rules. As before, information on this can be given directly to the respective contact persons in the company. However, if there are concerns and employees or business partners cannot see the possibility of placing their observations in person, a confidential, optionally anonymous procedure can be used to draw attention to serious incidents:
Südzucker Compliance Line
The 'Südzucker Compliance Line' is an electronic communication platform certified under data protection law, via which you can send information to the Compliance Officer of Südzucker AG.
The 'Südzucker Compliance Line' has to be used responsibly in order to fulfil their function. It must not be misused to be defamatory about others, or to make false accusations.
The 'Südzucker Compliance Line' is not meant for customer inquiries about products or services or as an emergency call system.