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Fiscal year 2016/17

Business performance

Key figures (PDF, 28.13 KB)
Revenues and operating result
In fiscal 2016/17, the group's consolidated revenues rose 1.4 % to € 6,476 (6,387) million. Higher revenues generated by the special products, CropEnergies and fruit segments more than offset the decline in sugar segment revenues.
Group consolidated results from operations growth were significantly better. The increase to € 426 (241) million was driven especially by the sugar segment, but all other segments also contributed.
Capital employed and return on capital employed (ROCE)
Capital employed rose to € 6,012 (5,791) million. The sugar, special products and fruit segments posted an increase while the CropEnergies segment reported a slight decline. Due to the significantly improved operating result of € 426 (241) million, ROCE rose to 7.1 (4.2) %.
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