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Fiscal year 2016/17

Key figures

Key figures (PDF, 28.13 KB)

Revenues and earnings
RevenuesEUR million6,4766,387
EBITDAEUR million709518
EBITDA margin%10.98.1
Operating profitEUR million426241
Operating margin%6.63.8
Net earnings for the yearEUR million312181
Cash flow and investments
Cash flowEUR million634480
Investments in fixed assets¹EUR million329371
Investments in financial assets/acquisitionsEUR million1640
Total investmentsEUR million493371
Fixed assets¹EUR million2,9722,869
GoodwillEUR million1,1911,145
Working capitalEUR million1,7371,659
Capital employedEUR million6,0125,785
Capital structure
Total assetsEUR million8,7368,127
Shareholders' equityEUR million4,8884,473
Net financial debtEUR million413549
Net financial debt to cash flow ratio
Equity ratio%56.055.0
Net financial debt al % of equity (Gearing)%8.412.3
Market capitalizationEUR million4,9212,834
Total shares issued as of February 28million204.2204.2
Closing price on February 28/29EUR24.1013.88
Earnings per share
Dividend per EUR 1 shareEUR0.45²0.30
Yield as of February 28/29%1.92.2
Employees group
1) Including intangible assets.
2) Proposed.
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