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Fiscal year 2017/18

Consolidated statement of comprehensive income

Income statement (PDF, 55.03 KB)
Result from operations
The result from operations of € 467 (441) million for fiscal 2017/18 breaks down into the operating result of € 445 (426) million, the result from restructuring and special items of € 20 (– 20) million and the result from companies consolidated at equity of € 2 (35) million.
Result of restructuring and special items
The result from restructuring and special items of € 20 (-20) million is attributable mainly to the sugar segment and comprises income from excess production levies in sugar marketing years 1999/2000 and 2000/2001. It also includes income from property disposals and insurance payouts related to a fire at the Ochsenfurt sugar factory in summer 2017. These were offset by expenses for restructuring and reorganization programs.
Result from companies consolidated at equity
The result from companies consolidated at equity fell to € 2 (35) million because of the sugar segment’s low results contribution.
Financial result
The financial result came in at € -39 (-34) million and comprises a net interest result of € -31 (-27) million and a result from other financing activities of €-8 (-7) million.
Taxes on income
Earnings before taxes of € 428 (407) million resulted in taxes on income of € – 110 (– 95) million. The tax rate was 26 (23) %.
Consolidated net earnings
Of the consolidated net earnings of € 318 (312) million, € 205 (214) million were allocated to Südzucker AG shareholders, € 13 (13) million to hybrid bondholders and € 100 (85) million to other non-controlling interests, mainly the co-owners of AGRANA Group and CropEnergies Group.
Earnings per share
Earnings per share came in at € 1.00 (1.05). The calculation is based on the time-weighted average of 204.2 (204.2) million shares outstanding.