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Südzucker offers you the opportunity to test your qualifications and performance in the field. Practical experience gives insight into Südzucker's organization and corporate structure. When you are involved in the day-to-day business or assigned to a project, you have the opportunity to become familiar with the company's business and production processes and establish customer relationships. We are looking for people who can work independently, are self-starters, understand teamwork and are able to communicate well. We also expect good grades, the ability to write and speak English and eagerness to commit. The work term is department-specific and usually lasts from two to six months. It gives you an early opportunity to get to know an international company like Südzucker and practice what you learned.
Work term during the sugar beet campaign
Students studying sugar technology, food technology, food chemistry, process engineering or mechanical engineering have the opportunity to play an active role in the sugarmaking process during Südzucker's beet sugar campaign, which runs from September to December.
Co-op student activities
You will be directly involved in Südzucker's day-to-day business and help with exciting projects for one to two days a week while still going to school. The work term should last at least four months, but no longer than the course of studies.
Thesis (Bachelor/Master Thesis)
What is important to us is that you be enthusiastic about your assignment so that your thesis will be a success for both you and Südzucker. You can talk to employees in the relevant departments to find out more about what has to be done.
All current job advertisements can be found in our Career portal.


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