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What we offer

Südzuckers' corporate culture based on a combination of traditional and innovative elements tries to maintain established values and to offer modern working conditions. Our target is that all the employees are feeling good in their job and in the environment of their workplaces. Südzucker is contributing to the balance of private and professional life by offering e.g. flexible working times, home office, etc.
The employees and the teams are encouraged to organize themselves and to take their responsibility. And so they have enough free space to work and to develop. In this context a culture of respect and appreciation plays a very important role. We want to have employees who show engagement and entrepreneurship and we appreciate good ideas. Appraisal and feedback discussions are helping to complete the picture.
All vacancies are announced at first internally and in this way we offer opportunities for a development within Südzucker Group. Supporting internal careers has a high priority for Südzucker. Nevertheless we challenge the employees and they need sometimes a good portion of mobility and flexibility, perhaps also courage. But a lot of examples show that the internal promotion is delivering good results.
Sometimes we use the expression "Südzucker family". We are proud to have this staff and are looking forward to be perceived as an attractive employer.