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Personnel development

Orientation occurs primarily on the job, and is supplemented by seminars and courses. Supervisors and fellow employees are there to support you, both professionally and personally. We understand the importance of proper orientation.
Career development and continuing education
Südzucker is pleased when employees take initiative for their own career development and continuing education. Südzucker offers many in-house continuing education courses. One of the areas we focus on most is continuous training courses on the computer applications used at the company. We also offer regular seminars on communications and leadership, time management, moderation and presentation techniques, foreign languages and much more.
We also help employees who want to enroll in external courses.
Performance appraisal
At Südzucker, supervisors regularly conduct performance appraisal reviews. During these meetings, supervisors and employees discuss performance targets and other initiatives such as:
  • job enrichment,
  • seminars/training courses or
  • special projects.
A customized job rotation program is provided for engineers to prepare them for the production environment and to take on greater job responsibility.
International focus
Südzucker's sugar segment conducts business throughout Europe. The special products segment (for example, food ingredients and functional food) is a global player. This international focus means that employees must work closely with all foreign subsidiaries and thus be able to communicate in English. Südzucker promotes the transfer of expertise within the company by delegating employees to its foreign subsidiaries for a period of time.
Internal placement
Most open positions of responsibility at Südzucker are filled from within the company. We do this to foster employees' commitment and identification with the company.
Flat hierarchy
A flat hierarchy ensures that the company can offer a wide range of challenging opportunities and that it remains easy to communicate with key decision makers.