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Social benefits

Retirement benefits
Südzucker offers a variety of retirement benefit options and makes substantial monetary contributions to provide security for employees with respect to old age, disability and survivor benefits.
The elements include:
  1. a well funded company pension scheme (defined benefit) financed exclusively by Südzucker,
  2. a collectively agreed employer-financed pension scheme with normal annual contributions of EUR 650, which are paid into a corporate pension fund,
  3. the option to make additional contributions from salary to boost the contributions to the corporate pension fund.
Employee shares
Employees can buy shares at a discount.
Company suggestion program
Employees can submit recommendations to improve the operating processes at any time. If these suggestions result in measurable improvements, the employee who submitted the recommendation receives a premium related to the savings generated.
Südzucker has an assistance program that offers employees a loan to finance the construction, renovation or purchase of a home under certain conditions.
Vacation homes
Südzucker offers its entire workforce and retirees the opportunity to take a vacation and relax at one of its three German vacation homes located in Schliersee, Titisee or Wertach.
Profit sharing
All unionized employees receive a share of profits. The amount is based on the company's dividend distribution.
Flex time
Südzucker AG has offered its employees very flexible working hours for many years. The aim is to balance the demands of work with private needs as much as possible. With this concept in mind, the program offers
  • a generous window for starting and ending the workday,
  • a variety of ways to bank and offset time off,
  • a entire year to reconcile any differences.
Accident insurance
All Südzucker AG employees receive accident insurance, which provides coverage for accidents either at home or at work, both in Germany and abroad.
Christmas bonus
Unionized workers receive one month's pay as a Christmas bonus.