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Press Releases

Archive 2005

Mannheim/Frankfurt, 2005-10-21

No Stabilization in Connection with Capital Increase of Südzucker Aktiengesellschaft Mannheim/Ochsenfurt

Mannheim, 2005-10-13

INTERIM REPORT 1st Half Financial Year 2005/06, 1st March to 31st August 2005

Mannheim, 2005-09-22

Convertible bond

Mannheim, 2005-08-26

Ad hoc message Right Issue

Mannheim, 2005-07-28

Südzucker Dividend Rises to EUR 0.55

Mannheim, 2005-07-15

INTERIM REPORT 1st Quarter Financial Year 2005/06, 1st March to 31 Mai 2005

Mannheim, 2005-06-15

Südzucker - Setting a Benchmark in the European Corporate Hybrid Market

Mannheim, 2005-05-25

Südzucker raises dividends

Mannheim, 2005-05-25

Group financial statements, results of operations, Group revenues and profits

Mannheim, 2005-05-24

Südzucker increases dividends

Mannheim, 2005-01-14

INTERIM REPORT 3rd Quarter Financial Year 2004/05, 1st March to 30 November 2004