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Press Releases

Archive 2007

Mannheim, 2007-10-12

Südzucker sees no market balance for 2007/08 as yet

Mannheim, 2007-10-11

Südzucker more optimistic about outlook for 2007/08 financial year

Mannheim, 2007-09-27

Südzucker appreciates improvement of sugar market regime by EU Council of Ministers of Agriculture

Mannheim, 2007-07-24

Südzucker confirms forecast

Mannheim, 2007-07-12

Interim report 1st quarter 2007/08

Mannheim, 2007-05-23

Südzucker holds dividend

Mannheim, 2007-03-21

Südzucker decides on restructuring of plant locations

Mannheim, 2007-03-19

Sales and operating profit forecast for financial year 2006/2007 confirmed. Impairment write-down within french sugar segmen in light of sugar-market-reform.

Mannheim, 2007-01-11

Interim Report 3rd Quarter 2006/07