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Investor Relations News


Mannheim, 2007-10-12

Südzucker sees no market balance for 2007/08 as yet

The EU Commission announced on 11 October 2007 that, for the current sugar marketing year (Oct.-Sept.) 2007/08, it will not be further increasing the preventive withdrawal of 2 million tonnes of quota sugar already enacted in February 2007, since in its view, the sugar market would be balanced in 2007/08.

Mannheim, 2007-10-11

Südzucker more optimistic about outlook for 2007/08 financial year

During the first half of the 2007/08 financial year, the Südzucker Group's revenues declined to 2.8 (2.9) billion EUR and operating profit fell to 120 (250) million EUR. The downturn was in line with forecasts and was attributable exclusively to the sugar segment. The special product and fruit segments generated higher revenues and operating profits.

Mannheim, 2007-09-27

Südzucker appreciates improvement of sugar market regime by EU Council of Ministers of Agriculture

With immediate effect, the EU Council Ministers of Agriculture has agreed upon the amendment to the sugar market regime in its conference on 26th of September. The main target is to increase the attractiveness to renounce sugar quota to the restructuring fund that has been implemented in 2006 by the Commission.

Mannheim, 2007-07-24

Südzucker confirms forecast

Shareholders at the annual general meeting of Südzucker AG Mannheim/Ochsenfurt, Mannheim, voted in favor of holding the dividend at EUR 0.55 per share, as recommended by the supervisory and executive boards.

Mannheim, 2007-07-12:

Interim report 1st quarter 2007/08

This interim report was prepared to inform you about business developments in the first three months of the current 2007/08 business year (March to May 2007).
Business results to date have fully met our expectations.

Mannheim, 2007-05-23

Südzucker holds dividend

Südzucker was once again able to increase group revenues in 2006/07. They grew by some 8 % to EUR 5.8 billion (EUR 5.3 billion). This growth originated in the special products and fruit segments, whereby the sugar segment was already affected by restrictions arising from the new EU sugar market regulation.

Mannheim, 2007-03-21

Südzucker decides on restructuring of plant locations

The impact of the reform of the EU sugar regime on market conditions has been significantly worse than previously expected for Südzucker. Südzucker is consequently forced to adjust its existing plant structures throughout the Group. The company sees no alternative to the closure of the Gross-Gerau and Regensburg plants in Germany.

Mannheim, 2007-03-19

Sales and operating profit forecast for financial year 2006/2007 confirmed. Impairment write-down within french sugar segmen in light of sugar-market-reform.

Based on group sales of EUR 5.7 (5.3) bln and an expected group operating profit of about EUR 420 (450) mln in FY 2006/07, Südzucker group has shown relative strength within a tough environment.

Mannheim, 2007-01-11

Interim Report 3rd Quarter 2006/07

This interim report informs you about the development of business in the first nine months of the current 2006/07 financial year (March to November 2006).