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Press Releases

Archive 2010

Mannheim, 2010-12-17

Südzucker with continued sound business development

Mannheim, 2010-10-14

Südzucker reports strong first half

Mannheim, 2010-09-20

Südzucker with sound business development

Mannheim, 2010-09-08

Request of Austrian Federal Competition Authority

Mannheim, 2010-07-20

Südzucker with dividend increase

Mannheim, 2010-07-14

Südzucker reports strong first quarter

Mannheim, 2010-06-25

Südzucker confirms full-year guidance after a good start

Mannheim, 2010-05-27

Südzucker back on the road to success

Mannheim, 2010-04-26

Südzucker pays EU substantial sums

Mannheim, 2010-01-14:

Südzucker operating profit improves further in third quarter