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Press Releases

Archive 2011

Mannheim, 2011-12-22

Südzucker with strong third quarter 2011/12

Mannheim, 2011-11-22

Südzucker raises outlook for financial year 2011/12

Mannheim, 2011-10-13

Südzucker profit up sharply in first half of financial year

Mannheim, 2011-09-27

Südzucker with strong first half year 2011/12

Mannheim, 2011-07-21

Südzucker increases dividend to EUR 0.55

Mannheim, 2011-07-14

Südzucker off to a good start in current financial year 2011/12

Mannheim, 2011-06-22

Südzucker with increased full year outlook following strong first quarter 2011/12

Mannheim, 2011-05-18

Südzucker and ED&F Man agree on strategic partnership

Mannheim, 2011-05-18

Südzucker reports record revenue and sharply higher profit

Mannheim, 2011-05-17

Südzucker to offer dividend of EUR 0.55

Mannheim, 2011-03-22

Südzucker with successful bond placement

Mannheim, 2011-03-21

Südzucker intends bond placement

Mannheim, 2011-01-13

Südzucker's sound performance extends to third quarter