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Press photos

Here you will find Südzucker AG press photographs. Please note particularly that all picture material is intended exclusively for editorial application. We therefore ask that you send a voucher copy in the event of such material being printed to Südzucker AG, ZA Öffentlichkeitsarbeit, Maximiliansstraße 10, 68165 Mannheim. For questions please contact public.relations@suedzucker.de.

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Worldwide NR 1 for sugar
Photo: Thomas Kauffelt
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Sugar impressions

With its segments of sugar, special products, CropEnergies and fruit, the Südzucker Group has an innovative platform for long-term growth and value added. In 2014/15 revenues reached to EUR 6.8 billion.
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Photo: Thomas Kauffelt
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Sweet Suits

Südzucker has broad basis in the EU with a market share of over 20 %.
Photo: Thomas Kauffelt
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Sugar segment

The sugar plants of Südzucker in Germany, Poland and Moldova, the Raffinerie Tirlemontoise Group of Belgium, the AGRANA Group of Austria and the Saint Louis Sucre Group of France are part of the sugar segment.
Photo: Thomas Kauffelt
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34 million tonnes of beets processed

Europewide 29 sugar factories of the Südzucker Group processed in 2014/15 about 34,0 million tonnes of beet.
Photo: Wilhelm Dürr
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41,300 farmers grow beets für the Südzucker Group.

In 2014/15 about 41,300 farmers grow 34,0 million tonnes of beets, which were processed in 29 sugar factories of the Süzucker Group in Europe
Photo: Gerald Schilling
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Crystallisation occurs in the boiling station. The crystals are separated from the syrup in the centrifuges and then dried.
Photo: Wilhelm Dürr
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Campaign impression

During the campaign the sugar factories operate 7 days a week day and night.
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(Photos: Wilhelm Dürr
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7-8 sugar beets for 1 kilogram of sugar

7- 8 beets are needed for 1 kilogram of sugar. This equates to a beet cultivation area of 1 m2.
Photo: Wilhelm Dürr
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Sugar beet field

Photo: Wilhelm Dürr
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Campaign impressions

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Photos: Wilhelm Dürr
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The branded assortment of Südzucker.

Worldwide NR 1 for sugar
Weltweit die Nummer 1 bei Zucker
Photo: Südzucker
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Jam sugar

Südzucker offers four different jam sugars.
Photo: Wilhelm Dürr
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