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2006: Europe-wide expansion of bioethanol business/founding and initial public offering for CropEnergies AG

In order to strengthen its leading position in Europe in the emerging bioethanol market, Südzucker Group will expand its production capacity to some one million cubic meters. The production plant in the Pischelsdorf, Austria, is already complete, and the capacity of the bioethanol plant in Zeitz has been expanded to 360,000 m³ annually. In addition, a plant with an annual capacity of up to 300,000 m³ will be built at the Wanze sugar mill in Belgium, the existing Hungarian facility will be expanded from 60,000 m³ to 160,000 m³ and the capacity in France will be increased to 100,000 m³.
The company set the stage to take the lead in Europe and to grow further by listing CropEnergies AG (Südzucker Bioethanol GmbH until May 2006) on the stock market.