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History of the Südzucker logo

1926: The Südzucker emblems

Between the year the company was founded in 1926 and the year 1953, there was no common signet for all the factories, but the coats of arms of all of the factories were on the packages of the company's various products, together with the name "Süddeutsche Zucker-Aktiengesellschaft". Sometime during this period, a sort of Südzucker emblem was added.

1953: Registration at the patent office

The Südzucker logo was not registered at the patent office until 1953. The logo was presented in the 1953/54 annual report.
Illustrations of sugar packages bearing the new Südzucker logo.

1967: New trademark

After making small adjustments to the logo in 1956 and 1962, a new trademark was finally introduced in 1967. It continued to be used until the merger with Frankenzucker in 1988.

1988: Logo after the merger

In October 1988, Süddeutsche Zucker-Aktiengesellschaft merged with Frankenzucker GmbH to become Südzucker Aktiengesellschaft Mannheim/Ochsenfurt. A logo for "the new Südzucker" was created at that time, introduced gradually in 1989 and remained almost unchanged until 2014.

2014: The new Südzucker logo

There were good reasons for the relaunch and the timing:
After twenty-five years, the appearance of the logo no longer suited the times. Over the course of time, many different variants became necessary; some applications could no longer be fully met or specifications completely fulfilled with the existing logo.
The consolidation of the two headquarters, the move to the expanded, renovated building and the renaming of the company to Südzucker AG established the perfect opportunity to introduce the new logo.
At the same time, the recognition factor of a strong brand was a high priority: We stayed true to our company colors and our roots.