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Sugar factory Delitzsch


NameZuckerfabrik Delitzsch AG
FoundersMajor a. D. Friedrich von Busse, Zschortau
Type of companyAG (corporation)
GmbH (limited liability company)
27 July 1889
Founding by the partnership agreement "Zuckerfabrik Delitzsch Akt. Ges.".
Already on the day of foundation, 114 land owners and farmers from the surrounding areas join the company, further 51 shareholders follow in October. The share capital is 900,000 Mark.
In October, the first campaign as raw sugar factory starts.
The Aktiengesellschaft converts to a GmbH.
The beet cultivation area has doubled meanwhile. In the campaign 1894/95 more than 1 million centners of beets are processed for the first time.
Constant drought leads to crop failure which results in a reduced total processing volume.
since 1926
Due to the considerable extension of cultivated areas of the sugar factory in Delitzsch, the neighboring plants in Brehna, Schwoitsch and Schortewitz have to be shut down leading to an increase in the beet cultivation area of 5,350 acres.
Dismounting of the plant by the USSR after the war, the technical facilities are completely dismantled.
Beginning of reconstruction. In 1955, the first campaign starts with the production of white sugar.
Incorporation of Zuckerfabrik Delitzsch into the nationally-owned Enterprise (VEB) „Zuckerkombinat Zeitz".
Pennant of VEB Delitzsch.
The sugar factory reaches a top position again and is honored as the best plant of the industrial branch. Thanks to its accomplishments it is chosen to be designed as model factory of the sugar industry in the GDR.
By 1981 Delitzsch has developped into the largest of 42 sugar factories in the GDR and as a result forms an independent combine together with the sugar factories in Döbeln, Markranstädt, Oschatz and the packing plant Rositz.
On 10 February 1991, the plant in Delitzsch is acquired by Südzucker AG with retroactive effect from 1 July 1990. It is brought into the newly founded Südzucker GmbH Zeitz.
On 7 December, the last beets are delivered to the „Delitzscher Graben" [Delitzsch ditch]. This collection point in the beet court is a beet dump for side dump trucks. This way of beet delivery was built in Delitzsch first.
After the end of the 102nd campaign, the plant is decommissioned.