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Sugar factory Frankenthal


NameZuckerfabrik „Franz und Carl Karcher" / Zuckerfabrik Aktiengesellschaft Frankenthal
FoundersFranz Daniel Karcher
Carl Heinrich Karcher
Type of company          since 1 July 1873 AG (corporation)
since 1926 plant of Süddeutsche Zucker-Aktiengesellschaft: Frankenthal is the company which incorporates and renames the remaining companies in the merger process.
Founding of the "Gesellschaft für Zuckerfabrikation zu Kaiserslautern" [company for sugar production in Kaiserslautern] by the brothers Franz Daniel and Carl Heinrich Karcher.
Relocation of the company to Frankenthal, simultaneous shutdown of the sugar factory in Kaiserslautern (Pariser Straße 20).
Image of factory in 1857.
(Source: Erkenbert museum, Frankenthal)
The sugar factory operates under the name "Franz und Carl Karcher".
Conclusion of demarcation contracts (= stipulations concerning the beet catchment area) between the sugar factories in Frankenthal, Waghäusel and Friedensau.
Franz Daniel Karcher becomes sole holder of the sugar factory. After difficult first years a positive development of business performance sets in.
Start of refinery expansion works, previously raw sugar factory.
The Süddeutsche Zuckerfabriken branch is founded with the members
- Altshausen
- Böblingen
- Frankenthal
- Friedensau
- Heilbronn
- Regensburg
- Stuttgart
- Waghäusel
- Züttlingen
End of refinery expansion works. Subsequently, raw sugar is bought in addition, mainly from Saxony.
Conversion to an Aktiengesellschaft (PLC) with a share capital of 1,200,000 Mark. Further Palatine industrials are involved in the management (Adolph Ludwig Mahla, silk manufacturer, Frankenthal; Ferdinand Scipio, Mannheim).
The raw sugar factory operation is relocated to Friedensau. Zuckerfabrik Frankenthal does refining only.
Doorman Otto Gering in front of the factory's old main gate.
(Source: Municipal archive Frankenthal)
Private railway siding for the sugar factory.
Acquisition of bankrupt Zuckerfabrik Friedensau.
Acquisition of Zuckerfabrik Gernsheim which has run into difficulties.
This ensures the supply of the refinery with raw sugar and secures the influence of Zuckerfabrik Frankenthal in South Germany compared to Badische Gesellschaft für Zuckerfabrikation [Baden company for sugar production].
Factory fire department around 1910.
Acquisition of sugar factory "Bayerische Zucker AG" [Bavarian sugar corporation] in Regensburg.
Founding member of the Süddeutsche Zucker-Aktiengesellschaft.
23/24 September 1943
In the night of 23/24 September 1943, the factory is almost completely destroyed during a bomb attack on Frankenthal and is not rebuilt. Until its destruction Frankenthal has been the largest German sugar factory.