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Sugar factory Wetterau, Friedberg


NameZuckerfabrik Wetterau, Friedberg
Founded23 June 1882
FoundersBaron of Löw, Nieder-Florstadt
Heinrich Reif, Steinfurth
Ferdinand Schwarz, Baiersröder Hof
August Bergsträsser, Nieder-Olm
Heinrich Schudt, Görbelheimer Mühle
Georg Heil, Wickstadt
Erich Westernacher, Lindheim
Type of companyAktiengesellschaft (stock corporation)
Share from 1884.
The sugar factory is founded in a general assembly. The share capital is 826,800 Mark.
The sugar factory is constructed by the engineering works company Ilsenburg.
In October, the first campaign begins.
In the 1891/92 campaign, the sugar factory introduces a payment system for the farmers depending on the sugar content of the beets.
The sugar factory becomes a member of Süddeutsche Rübenerwerbsvereinigung [South German beet work association].
In the same year, the construction of two silos and their connection to the rail network is concluded. As a result, the plant’s own railroad tracks are extended.
Late switch to electrical power supply by means of steam turbine and generator.
Construction of a potato flakes plant which is destroyed in an aerial attack in 1944.
Ab 1948
Several "Cuba campaigns": Due to the lack of beet raw sugar, cane raw sugar from Cuba is imported and refined.
Commissioning of the new icing sugar plant. In the 1948/49 campaign, the syrup production starts, too.
Construction of a staff house with locker rooms and lavatories as well as a canteen and recreation rooms.
Sugar assortment from 1957.
Founding of Süddeutsche Zuckervertrieb GmbH [South German sugar sales Ltd.] (since 1968 Südzucker Verkauf GmbH [Südzucker sales Ltd.]) in conjunction with Süddeutsche Zucker-Aktiengesellschaft [South German sugar corporation], Zuckerfabrik Franken and Aktien-Zuckerfabrik Wabern.
Complete acquisition by Südzucker AG Mannheim/Ochsenfurt.
After the end of the campaign, the plant is decommissioned.