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Sugar factory Heilbronn


NameZuckerfabrik Heilbronn Aktien-Gesellschaft
FoundersMainly merchants from Heilbronn
Type of companyAG (corporation)
Plant of Süddeutsche Zucker-Aktiengesellschaft
In an assembly, merchants in Heilbronn decide to found a sugar factory and take up a total of 48 shares at 5,000 guilder each. The sugar factory is thus the first industrial stock corporation of Heilbronn.
Objective of the factory's founding is among others to make Württemberg independent of North German sugar imports.
The City of Heilbronn grants the factory owners various perks:
- Setting up an access road
- Assignment of a part of the Neckar riverbank
- Release of beet hauls of pavement and bridge toll
Founding of Zuckerfabrik Heilbronn and first General Assembly chaired by A. Goppelt. C. Schwanitz is appointed technical director.
Founding of a workers health insurance.
In January the plant starts operations.
First demarcation contract (= stipulation concerning the beet catchment area) in the southern German region between the company Reihlen & Söhne, Stuttgart, and Zuckerfabrik Heilbronn.
Zuckerfabrik Heilbronn around 1865.
Negotiations for a merger with the "Württembergische Gesellschaft für Zuckerfabrikation" [Württemberg company for sugar production] in Züttlingen. The merger does not come about as the shareholders vote against it.
Decision to purchase the "Aktiengesellschaft für Rübenzuckerfabrikation" [corporation for beet sugar production] in Böblingen after Zuckerfabrik Heilbronn has already become principal creditor the year before.
The Süddeutsche Zuckerfabriken branch is founded with the members
- Altshausen
- Böblingen
- Frankenthal
- Friedensau
- Heilbronn
- Regensburg
- Stuttgart
- Waghäusel
- Züttlingen
Acquisition of the patent for a desugarization process of molasses and construction of a desugarization plant.
Cube sugar production around 1930.
May 1913
Severe fire: complete destruction of the refinery, the deposit and the technical director’s apartment as well as partial destruction of the raw sugar factory. The plant is rebuilt in the same year.
Joining of the special interest group of South German sugar factories.
Founding member of Süddeutsche Zucker-Aktiengesellschaft.
Factory shutdown in the context of the structural programme Baden-Württemberg after the campaign 1970.