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Sugar factory Löbau


NameOberlausitzer Zuckerfabrik Aktiengesellschaft
Zuckerfabrik Löbau
Type of companyAG (corporation)
VEB (nationally-owned Enterprise)
Plant of Südzucker GmbH
Plant of Südzucker AG
Postcard (source: municipal museum Löbau).
22 December 1883
Resolution on construction of the factory and founding of the Oberlausitzer Zuckerfabrik Aktiengesellschaft [Oberlausitz sugar factory corporation].
January 1884
Start of construction works by the Sudenburgische Maschinen-Bauanstalt [Sudenburg machine construction company]. In October, the first sugar beet campaign begins.
The sugar factory makes a profit for the first time whereupon the resolution to install a white sugar facility is passed. Until now, raw sugar has been shipped to England for the production of refined sugar.
From 1887 on, this step is no longer required and Löbau provides white sugar.
12 January 1921
In an extraordinary general assembly it is decided to increase the capital stock to 1.3 million Mark through the issue of shares with beet cultivation obligation. In this way the factory is less dependent on buy beets.
Construction of a cube sugar facility.
Share from 1926.
27 March 1931
Merger of the German sugar factories to the Wirtschaftliche Vereinigung Zuckerindustrie [economic association sugar industry].
Süddeutsche Zucker-Aktiengesellschaft [South German sugar corporation] acquires a big package of shares in the Oberlausitzer Zuckerfabrik.
Saxon garden show in Löbau.
The sugar factory is declared a nationally-owned Enterprise.
Acquisition by Südzucker AG.
Shutdown of the plant.
April to October 2012
The Saxon garden show takes place on the premises of the former sugar factory.