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Sugar factory Straußfurt


NameWagner & Co.
Zuckerfabrik Straußfurt
Founded1 October 1871
Decommissioned31 December 1996
FoundersRobert Wagner, manor tenant in Straußfurt
Dr. Robert Lucius, owner of "Ballhäuser Begüterung"
Siegmund von Henning of manor Gehra
Oskar Kriegsheim of manor Grüningen
F. Ullrich of Commende Griefstedt
Karl Freiherr von Münchhausen of manor Straußfurt
R. Reinsdorff of manor Wundersleben
Richard Zernentsch of manor Großballhausen
R. Jentzsch of manor Gebesee
Type of companyOffene Handelsgesellschaft mit solidarischer Haftbarkeit (general partnership)
VEB (nationally-owned enterprise)
Plant of Südzucker GmbH
Plant of Thüringer Zuckerfabrik GmbH
Zuckerfabrik Straußfurt founded. A year later, the new building is finished.
The sugar factory makes profit for the first time.
Foundation of estate Schilfa with colonel von Hagke to safeguard beet cultivation.
The sugar factory converts to a GmbH which enables minor farmers to have a share in the factory.
The resolution to completely rebuild the factory is passed. Thereupon a scrap dryer and a water supply system with pumping station on the Unstrut are built. The processing capacity is increased to 7,500 centner/day.
Liquidation of the company due to severe economic crisis.
Re-establishment of the company and conversion to white sugar production.
Acquisition of Zuckerfabrik Großrudestedt and merger with Zuckerfabrik Greußen. Both factories are only used as delivery facilities for beets, the production exclusively takes place in Straußfurt. Großrudestedt is converted to an artificial honey and syrup factory, Greußen is converted to a chocolate and confectionery factory.
Acquisition of Zuckerfabrik Ebeleben.
Straußfurt and five other production sites are consolidated to form the nationally-owned enterprise "Zuckerkombinat Unstrut-Helme" based in Artern.
With retroactive effect from 1 July 1990, Südzucker GmbH is founded in Zeitz as a 100 per cent subsidiary of Südzucker AG. Südzucker GmbH acquires Zuckerfabrik Straußfurt besides further sites in the eastern states of Germany.
The plant is separated from Südzucker GmbH and merges in Thüringer Zuckerfabrik GmbH.
Shutdown of the plant.