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Sugar factory Stuttgart


NameZuckerfabrik Stuttgart
FoundersEduard Hallberger
Georg Gutbrod
Hermann Rothschild
Friedrich Sick
Alexander Spring
Adolf Reihlen (first board member until 1876)
Construction of the first sugar factory in Stuttgart on the site of today’s central railway station Stuttgart by industrialist Reihlen who previously operated a sugar refinery in Mannheim.
Formation by the trading house Johann Friedrich Reihlen & Söhne.
Conversion to an Aktiengesellschaft (PLC) and registration with the commercial registry of the royal district court Stuttgart.
Teardown of the sugar factory due to the construction oft he central station Stuttgart and new construction of a raw sugar factory and refinery in Münster-Cannstatt. The new construction is funded by the compensation from the Reichsbahn (German State Railways) which is 2 million Reichsmark.
October 1904
Beginning of the first campaign in the new sugar factory.
Image on occasion of the 50th anniversary.
The refinery is completely destroyed by a fire, raw factory and boiler house are severely damaged. Rebuilding – conducted by Halle‘sche Maschinenfabrik – is already completed by the time the campaign 1907/08 begins.
Acquisition of the sugar factory in Böblingen which is in liquidation. The sugar beet quantity on hand at the plant doubles.
Acquisition of share capital of sugar factory Groß-Umstadt.
Accession to the special interest group of southern German sugar factories.
Founding member of the Süddeutsche Zucker-Aktiengesellschaft.
Despite being partially destroyed in World War II, the Stuttgart sugar factory is one of the few manufacturing plants whose sugar production is maintained during the war and the post-war era.
Plant director Dr. Ludwig Kayser is appointed to the executive board of the Süddeutsche Zucker-Aktiengesellschaft.
Construction of a silo with a storage capacity of 100,000 quintals.
The warehouses I and II are completely destroyed, all other sugar storage places (including silo) are damaged. Yet, the campaign continues.
The plant is decommissioned.
The former sugar factory premises are purchased by the City of Stuttgart and redesigned in the context of a federation-state restructuring and development program.