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Sugar factory Zeil


NameZuckerfabrik Franken GmbH Zeil
FoundersZuckerfabrik Franken GmbH Ochsenfurt
Type of companyGmbH (limited liability company)
Beet transportation.
Founding of Zuckerfabrik Franken GmbH Zeil as subsidiary of Zuckerfabrik Franken GmbH Ochsenfurt which was founded in 1951 by the shareholders Süddeutsche Zuckerrübenverwertungs-Genossenschaft SZVG (51 %) and Südzucker (49 %).
The same year, the decision is made to build a second sugar factory in Franconia as the Franconian beets can no longer be all processed in Ochsenfurt.
After a construction time of just under one year, the first campaign in Zeil begins on 13 September 1960.
Official opening of the newly constructed sugar factory.
The plant is decommissioned.
After that, the sugar factory is completely dismantled and rebuilt in Azerbaijan.
Since the shutdown, the site has still been used as a sugar warehouse.