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Sugar factory Züttlingen


NameWürttembergische Aktiengesellschaft für Runkelrüben-Zuckerfabrikation
FoundersMain shareholders: Houses of Baden and Württemberg
Type of companyAG (corporation)
Sugar mills.
April 1837
Founding of "Württembergische Gesellschaft für Rünkelrüben-Zuckerfabrikation" [Württemberg company for beet sugar production].
The concession is granted for 11 years and the share capital amounts to 1,500 shares. The main shareholders are the House of Baden and the House of Württemberg. Further founders are the prince of Fürstenberg, the hereditary prince of Sigmaringen as wells as a large number of aristocrats serving Baden or Württemberg, high officials and bankers. The financing of operating resources is ensured by the banking house Haber.
Insolvency caused by bank crash:
- Operating resources have to be financed dearly.
- New manufacturing process requires constant rework.
- There is a lack of the raw material beet.
The liquidation of the company can be averted the following year.
Negotiations for a merger with Zuckerfabrik Heilbronn take place. However, the merger does not come about.
In the very same year a conference is convened in Stuttgart by the South German beet sugar factories to negotiate beet prices and areas of interest of the individual sugar factories.
The Süddeutsche Zuckerfabriken branch is founded with the members
- Altshausen
- Böblingen
- Frankenthal
- Friedensau
- Heilbronn
- Regensburg
- Stuttgart
- Waghäusel
- Züttlingen
Merger with „Badische Gesellschaft für Zuckerfabrikation“ [Baden company for sugar production] in Waghäusel.
High water of river Jagst floods the entire factory site.
The plant is decommissioned.