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CropEnergies segment

CropEnergies Bioethanol GmbH

  • One of Europes biggest bioethanol plants with an annual capacity of about 400,000 m³ bioethanol, 60,000 m³ can be refined to neutral alcohol, more than 300,000 t ProtiGrain® (protein animal feed) and 100,000 tonnes liquefied CO2
  • Bioethanol: mainly as additive to petrol in the form of E5 and E10
  • High quality neutral alcohol e. g. for beverage, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries
  • By-product ProtiGrain®: high protein animal feed (DDGS) distributed all over Europe
  • Purification and liquefaction of CO2 from fermentation, among others for the food sector
  • Flexibility in processing raw materials (cereals and sugar syrup)