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Special products segment


The special products segment includes the activities of BENEO, Freiberger, PortionPack Europe as well as the starch division.
  • Functional ingredients for food: inulin, oligofructose, Isomalt, PalatinoseTM, rice derivatives and wheat gluten
  • Ingredients for animal feed, non-food and pharmazeuticals
  • 5 production locations around (Germany, Chile, Belgium, Italy)
  • Deep-frozen and chilled pizza as well al deep-frozen pasta dishes and snacks
  • 5 production locations (Germany, Great Britain, Austria)
PortionPack Europe
  • Portion packs
  • 7 production locations (Belgium, Great Britain, Netherlands, Spain, South Africa, Czech Republic)
Starch (AGRANA)
  • Starch and special starch products for use in food and non-food areas as well as bioethanol
  • 3 production locations in Austria; 1 production location in Hungary and Romania each
Starch (Südzucker)
  • 1 Wheat starch plant