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Co-determination at Südzucker

A company can only achieve long-term market success when its employees identify with their company and corporate goals as well as their own goals are actively recognized and acknowledged. This creates a partnership that benefits everyone involved: a true win-win situation.
Südzucker's premise is that its employees are the foundation of the company's success. This high regard is reflected in corporate policies and the partnership with the employees' representatives, unions and the employees themselves.
Equal number of members on Südzucker's supervisory board and executive committee
Since introduction of the Mitbestimmungsgesetz (German co-determination act) in fiscal 1977/78, Südzucker's supervisory board membership has been based on parity. At the present time, the supervisory board has twenty members. The executive committee of the supervisory board has four persons and also has parity membership.
Co-determination is not a historic relic, but remains a key element of good corporate governance.
The partnership between the executive board and supervisory board, also with representatives of the employees, is based on mutual trust. This constructive configuration has enabled the company and employees to develop binding solutions based on consensus, even in cases of factory closures. It is clear that co-determination has not hindered Südzucker's growth. In fact, quite the opposite has occurred: The constructive teamwork with employees and their representatives has enabled the company to progress.
At Südzucker, employees and their representative partners are engaged in a fair, constructive dialogue. We have taken it upon ourselves to regularly and comprehensively inform our employees or their representatives about all important developments and events, beyond the extent required by law. If necessary, we seek their input on relevant topics.
It goes without saying that all legally stipulated employee representation is in place.
Every operation has a works committee made up of representatives in accordance with the requirements of the German Works Council Constitution Act. Youth, apprentice, and seriously disabled persons representation was established on a prorated basis for the number of young people, apprentices and seriously disabled persons in the company. Representative bodies exist at the corporate level to which the local employee representative delegate their members (central works council; central youth and apprentice representatives; central seriously disabled persons representatives).
Euro works council since 1996
Südzucker has also had a European works council at the group level since 1996. Its mandate covers Südzucker and subsidiaries throughout the European Union's member states. The EURO Works Council consists of representatives from Germany, Austria, Belgium and France, and as of the beginning of 2005, from Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.