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German sugar factories


About the Ochsenfurt factory
  • Started operations in 1952
  • Daily beet processing capacity during the campaign: about 15,000 tonnes
  • Annual beet processing capacity: 1.6 to 2.0 million tonnes
  • Annual sugar production: 260,000 to 320,000 tonnes
  • Campaign duration: about 120 days
  • Raw material supplier: more than 3,500 farmers
  • Employees: about 330 (including plant and administration)
  • Storage capacity of the silos: about 123,000 tonnes in Ochsenfurt, about 125,000 tonnes in Zeil/Main
The Ochsenfurt plant was founded in 1951 and was the first new factory built after 1945. But the origins of the factory date back to 1919. That was when Zuckerfabrik Frankenthal AG purchased lands in Ochsenfurt to build a raw sugar mill. However, no plant was constructed. In 1938, Süddeutsche Zucker AG finally built a drying facility for beet pellets on today's site. A few of the buildings remain and parts of some systems are still in operation. These properties and suboperations represented forty-nine percent of Süddeutsche Zucker AG's share capital in Zuckerfabrik Franken GmbH, of which a fifty-one percent majority was owned by Süddeutsche Zuckerrübenverwertungs Genossenschaft (SZVG).
Factory and production performance
At the end of the first campaign in 1952, the new factory was already able to process 2,400 tonnes of beets per day. By optimizing the existing systems and making a number of small investments, the factory was able to increase its processing capacity to 7,000 tonnes of beets per day by the early 70s. During the mid-70s, the plant capacity was expanded to over 10,000 tonnes per day and through a further series of major investments, had reached in excess of nearly 15,000 tonnes per day by the end of the 90s. Ochsenfurt is thereby one of Südzucker's leading factories.
The plant operates twenty-four hours per day during the beet campaign between September and January.
About 15,000 tonnes of beets are delivered and converted to sugar daily. During an average campaign, the annual sugar needs of a German citizen are met in less than two seconds. The factory can produce enough sugar in one year to satisfy the needs of about 7 million consumers.
The site employs about 330 workers and employees, including specialists who are qualified to handle the sugar extraction equipment, as well as repair and maintain the sophisticated technical systems. In addition, engineers and commercial staff work in administration.
Partnership with farmers
Südzucker Group relies on its close partnership with the agricultural industry. Over 3,500 farmers plant sugar beets for the factory. The area covered spans from the Rhön River in the north to greater Ansbach in the south and from Bamberg in the east to Spessart in the west.
Beet cultivation and payment are regulated by a contract. In areas such as beet growing and the associated logistics, among others, Südzucker and farmers work in partnership in order to ensure that the quality of the raw materials supplied to the factories; i.e., beets, is the best possible, and that they arrive at the right time.
Varieties of sugar produced at the Ochsenfurt factory
The majority of the sugar produced during the campaign is sold over the course of the year as bulk crystals for conversion by the food industry. A wide range of special products are also manufactured. This includes sugar cubes, liquid sugar for soft drinks, fudge for fillings or icing, chocolate, candies and cakes, as well as invert products used for bee food (Apiinvert, Apifonda). Animal feed, molasses and carbolic lime, sold as "Carbokalk", are valuable byproducts also produced at the Ochsenfurt factory.
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Südzucker AG Werk Ochsenfurt
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Marktbreiter Straße 74
97199 Ochsenfurt
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