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German sugar factories


About the Plattling factory
  • Started operations in 1961
  • Annual beet processing capacity: 1.8 to 2.2 million tonnes
  • Annual sugar production: 270,000 to 330,000 tonnes
  • Raw material supplier: approximately 3.000 farmers
  • Employees: about 230
  • Campaign duration: about 120 days
  • Storage capacity of the silos: more than 50,000 tonnes
Factory and production performance
The factory operates twenty-four hours per day during the campaign, which lasts from September to January. During an average campaign, the annual sugar needs of a German citizen are met every second. The factory can produce enough sugar in one year to satisfy the needs of seven to eight million consumers. Some of the beet syrup produced daily is not immediately converted to sugar. Instead, it is stored and converted to sugar in May and June of the following year. The silos can hold more than 50,000 tonnes of sugar. Large tanks capable of storing more than 100,000 cubic meters of the intermediate beet syrup are also located at the site.
Most workers are specialists qualified to handle the sugar extraction equipment, as well as repair and maintain the sophisticated technical systems.
Partnership with farmers
Südzucker Group relies on its close partnership with the agricultural industry. About 3,000 farmers plant sugar beets for the factory. The area covered stretches from Regensburg on the Danube down to Passau, and in upper Bavaria to the Chiemsee. The sugar beet fields are primarily located in the counties of Deggendorf, Straubing, Regensburg and Dingolfing, where the soil is rich.
Beet cultivation and payment are regulated by a contract. In areas such as beet growing and the associated logistics, among others, Südzucker and farmers work in partnership in order to ensure that the quality of the raw materials supplied to the factories; i.e., beets, is the best possible, and that they arrive at the right time.
Varieties of sugar produced at the Plattling factory
Sugar is bundled year-round in various-size packages. For example, the popular 1-kg packages for household use are handled by the Plattling facility. Two special products, icing sugar and jam sugar, are also made at the plant.
The sugar produced at the Plattling plant for the processing industry is shipped loose in dry bulk containers, in twenty-five-kilogram and fifty-kilogram sacks or big bags. Icing sugar is also sent to processors in ten-kilogram and twentyfive-kilogram sacks or in up to 1,200-kilogram containers. For a few years, the intermediate product syrup has also been sold.
Animal feed, molasses and carbolic lime, sold as "Carbokalk", are valuable byproducts also produced at the Plattling factory.


Dr.-Ludwig-Kayser-Straße 1
94447 Plattling
Postfach 1263
94442 Plattling
Phone: +49 9931/704-0