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Sugar factory Plattling


NameZuckerfabrik Plattling
Founded1960 (construction)
FounderSüdzucker AG
Type of companyplant of Südzucker AG, Aktiengesellschaft (corporation)
Conclusion to build another plant in Bavaria with a daily capacity of 3,000 tonnes. Plattling is chosen as site. Its benefits are the good infrastructure – especially regarding transportation and recruiting – and lower costs for beet carriage.
As from May 1960
Construction of the factory. New technical standards are set with the first central control stand.
The first campaign starts on 2 October. The daily processing capacity is about 3,000 tonnes.
The cultivation area increases by 11 percent to 7,400 hectares. For the first time, a sugar factory conducts the campaign with a core workforce of only 262 industrial workers.
A 2.5 kilogram baling machine is used for the packaging of preserving sugar and refined sugar.
Introduction of the company suggestion system for improvements.
Construction of a machine for the production and packaging of gelling sugar.
In Plattling, the first laboratory for beet quality improvement is established.
Construction of the syrup storage tank.
Sugar warehouse of the sugar factory Stuttgart is transferred to Plattling after its shutdown.
Increase of the daily capacity to 12,000 tonnes through comprehensive alteration measures – a milestone in the development of the plant. Judging by its daily beet processing capacity, Plattling is at this point the biggest sugar factory in the federal territory.
Plattling is the first plant of Südzucker AG to conduct a syrup campaign.
Increase of daily capacity to 14,000 tonnes through further expansion measures.
Frost campaign.
"Frost campaign": Extremely low temperatures prevail. The demolition squad of the Federal Border Force has to support the unloading of the beets
First beet delivery via trucks.
Running the firing system with biogas becomes possible.
Reconstruction of the beet yard: New capacity of 2,000 tonnes of beets per hour, beet delivery is possible 16 hours a day, further optimizations during the following year.
Introduction of 24-hour beet delivery (Monday to Saturday).
Capacity increase to 17,000 tonnes of sugar processing per day.