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German sugar factories


About the Wabern factory
  • Started operations in 1880/81
  • Annual beet processing capacity: 700,000 to 900,000 tonnes
  • Annual sugar production: 110,000 to 140,000 tonnes
  • Raw material supplier: approximately 1,100 farmers
  • Employees: about 80
  • Campaign duration: about 120 days
  • Storage capacity of the silos: more than 40,000 tonnes
Factory and production performance
The first tests on a continuous crystallization process to produce standardized white sugar 2 for industrial use were conducted at Wabern in 1983. What makes the process special is that it is very energy efficient. It was subsequently adopted by some other sugar factories.
The factory operates twenty-four hours per day during the campaign, which lasts from September to January. Several thousand tonnes of beets are delivered and converted daily. During an average sugar campaign, the annual sugar needs of a German citizen are met in less than five seconds. The factory can produce enough sugar in one year to satisfy the needs of two to three million consumers. The silos can hold more than 40,000 tonnes of sugar.
Most workers are specialists qualified to handle the sugar extraction equipment, as well as repair and maintain the sophisticated technical systems.
Partnership with farmers
Südzucker Group relies on its close partnership with the agricultural industry. About 1,100 farmers cultivate sugar beets for the Wabern factory. The beets processed at the factory originate in four states: Thuringia, Bavaria, Hesse and Lower Saxony. Beet cultivation and payment are regulated by a contract. In areas such as beet growing and the associated logistics, among others, Südzucker and farmers work in partnership in order to ensure that the quality of the raw materials supplied to the factories; i.e., beets, is the best possible, and that they arrive at the right time.
Sugar varieties produced at the Wabern factory
The Wabern plant produces white sugar for the secondary processing industry. It is usually shipped loose in dry bulk containers, but also in twenty-five and fifty-kilogram sacks or big bags. A special sugar variety for the laundry detergent industry is also made at the Wabern plant.
Animal feed, molasses and carbolic lime, sold as "Carbokalk", are valuable byproducts also produced at the Wabern factory.
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