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German sugar factories


About the Zeitz factory

Sugar factoryWheat starch factory
Started operations in:1858, new building 1993new building 2016
Annual production:220,000 to 270,000 tonnes of sugar150,000 tonnes of glucose syrup
Raw material supplier:about 800 farmersabout 20 suppliers
Employees:about 200about 100
Processing time:about 120 daysyear-round
At this long-standing combined site with an industrial history of over 150 years, four industry units have been created since 1993 including the sugar factory, the ethanol plant, the CO2 liquefaction plant and the wheat starch factory.
Factory and production performance
Sugar from beets has been produced at the Zeitz mill for over 150 years. This makes the city one of the most tradition-rich locations of Germany's sugar industry. The new Zeitz factory was built in 1993 to replace the original operation, which dated back to 1858. It is one of the major new sugar mills built in Germany's new states following the reunification.
The factory operates twenty-four hours per day during the campaign, which lasts from September to January. Several thousand tonnes of beets are delivered and converted to syrup and sugar daily. A significant amount of the beet syrup produced daily is stored and converted to sugar together with syrup from the sister factory in Brottewitz during a syrup campaign in the spring/summer of the following year. As a result, a large part of the plant is fully loaded almost year-round. The sugar produced at the plant meets the average annual needs of four to five million consumers.
Most workers are specialists qualified to handle the sugar extraction equipment, as well as repair and maintain the sophisticated technical systems.
Partnership with farmers
Südzucker Group relies on its close partnership with the agricultural industry. 800 farmers plant sugar beets for the factory. The fields are located in the state of Thuringia, the southern part of Saxony-Anhalt and West Saxony. Beet cultivation and payment are regulated by a contract. In areas such as beet growing and the associated logistics, among others, Südzucker and farmers work in partnership in order to ensure that the quality of the raw materials supplied to the factories; i.e., beets, is the best possible, and that they arrive at the right time.
Brand with a long-standing tradition: Zeitz Sugar
The local region is very important to Zeitz. For decades, sugar from Zeitz has been seen as a top Sachsen-Anhalt brand, for example Zeitz sugar in one-kilogram packages. The sugar produced at the Zeitz plant for the secondary processing industry is shipped loose in dry bulk containers, twenty-five and fifty-kilogram sacks or big bags.
Animal feed, molasses and carbolic lime, sold as "Carbokalk", are valuable byproducts also produced at the Zeitz factory.


Albrechtstraße 54
06712 Zeitz
Postfach 14 22
06694 Zeitz
Phone: +49 3441/899-301