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Our sustainability strategy

Our business conduct along the entire value chain, from agricultural raw materials to finished products, is guided by sustainability. It starts with the frugal use of natural resources; we carefully select the agricultural products we process. Südzucker chooses only raw materials that meet strict quality standards. Sustainability and quality leadership define Südzucker’s agricultural raw material processing of sugar, animal feed, functional food ingredients for food and animal feed, bioethanol, starch and fruit products.

We pay special attention to the following aspects, which apply in all segments:

  • Complete utilization and/or recycling of the agricultural raw materials processed
  • Steady enhancement of production technologies aimed at continuous improvement with respect to their impact on the environment as well as resource and energy efficiency
  • Effective quality, environment and energy management systems
  • Respect the interests of all major Südzucker stakeholders
  • Establish long-term partnerships; e.g., with raw material suppliers and customers