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Our stakeholders

During the past fiscal year, Südzucker analyzed its stakeholders by conducting workshops and surveys together with those responsible for the areas of activity. For the most part, the stakeholder groups identified and communications methods used the previous year were confirmed. It is noteworthy that face-to-face discussions with all stakeholder groups are very highly valued.

Overview of our stakeholders

Key stakeholdersPrimary means of communication
Farmers (raw materials)
Suppliers (energy, water, capital goods, operating supplies, services, raw materials)
Information Events (farmer meetings, field days, exhibitions, supplier forums)
Online (Raw materials portal)
Supplier communication (awarding negotiations, farming consultation)
Customers (end users, retail, industry)Customer consultation
Application support/services
Product specifications, certifications
Employee meetings, performance reviews, newsletter, Intranet, training events
Shareholders, capital markets, financial institutions, investorsFinancial reports, annual general meeting
Analysts' conferences, roadshows,
conference calls, dialogue with rating agencies, analysts and shareholder representatives
Südzucker website
Society and the general public (residents, neighbors, journalists, media, research and scientific bodies, universities, schools, authorities, parties, politicians, industry/business associations)Press releases and talks
Factory tours
Cooperative research and projects
Political dialogue, meetings, talks, debate events
Südzucker website