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Key areas of activity

Social responsibility

Business success and the acceptance of social responsibility belong together in our view and are a key prerequisite to sustainably conducting business. As a company, our goal is to make a positive contribution to social development in the three sustainability dimensions – ecology, economy and social conduct.

Ecological sustainability

The ecological dimension of sustainability includes environmental and energy aspects of production, such as energy use, emissions, water consumption, wastewater and solid waste, as well as the logistics associated with procurement and distribution.
Efficient logistics are a prerequisite to smooth factory operation. Südzucker is involved in the upstream value chain through numerous programs that aim to keep the impact of transporting raw materials and other necessary supplies to a minimum.
Efficient and well synchronized distribution of our products to end customers plays an ever greater role in our competitiveness. Given the extensive supply chains, it is also important from an ecological perspective to continuously optimize distribution logistics.

Economic sustainability

The economic dimension of sustainability is dominated by higher than average growth and job-related impact of Südzucker Group's production plants in rural areas.
A distinguishing feature of most of our locations is that they are located close to the point of raw material production, and thereby in rural areas. Here the processing plants not only make a significant contribution to the national economy by offering long-term, high-quality jobs, but also help secure the livelihood of the regional farming operations.

Social sustainability

When it comes to the social dimension, we practice what we preach by engaging in a responsible dialogue with politicians and institutions, engaging in diverse social events and participating in the EcoVadis sustainability evaluation system.
Dialogue with politicians and institutions
Südzucker is in close contact as a corporation to various social stakeholders. In addition to strictly complying with existing laws and regulations, we also see it as our obligation to maintain a dialogue with politicians, institutions and nongovernment organizations and to support industry associations through active participation and membership.
Social commitment
In Südzucker's view, corporate success and social commitment go hand in hand. We participate in many projects and initiatives that serve the public interest in an effort to help deal with societal challenges. Our focus is on promoting science and education, among others, also at universities, stewardship of the historic heritage of the sugar industry at our museum sugar factory in Oldisleben, Germany, sponsoring sports and promoting local projects of various interest groups in the vicinity of our production plants.
Südzucker has participated in the EcoVadis sustainability evaluation system since 2013. EcoVadis is a French initiative that evaluates companies with respect to their acceptance of social responsibility in various dimensions. Many customers in the food industry are increasingly taking notice of the results. Südzucker participates actively and regularly provides extensive information regarding various aspects related to the environment, working conditions, compliance and procurement.