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Corporate strategy

Our aim is to grow profitably without compromising our ecological and social responsibilities. Our policies enable us to sustainably increase shareholder value.
  • Sustainability is integral part of our corporate strategy
  • We focus on global megatrends
  • Our objective is to sustainably increase shareholder value
  • We aim to grow market share in our business sectors
  • We focus on our core competencies
  • Our portfolio is diversified and we take advantage of synergies
  • Solid financing strategy
  • Targeted value-oriented investments
  • We support and foster our employees

Our guiding principles

  • We adhere to statutory provisions and corporate Guidelines.
  • We work efficiently and have a long tradition of sustainable conduct. Our business is founded on long sighted, careful and responsible utilization of nature and all resources.
  • We are our suppliers’ and customers’ reliable partner.
  • We are a responsible employer that helps its employees fulfill their potential and takes into consideration and values their distinct personalities.
  • We openly and transparently communicate with our shareholders and all other capital market players.
  • The food we produce is intended to be part of a balanced diet.

See also Südzucker code of conduct.