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Corporate strategy

Our aim is to grow profitably and sustainably boost shareholder value without compromising our ecological and social responsibilities.
  • We focus on global megatrends
  • We aim to grow market share in our business sectors
  • We focus on our core competencies
  • Our portfolio is diversified and we take advantage of synergies
  • Solid financing strategy
  • Targeted value-oriented Investments
  • Sustainability is integral part of our corporate strategy
  • We support and foster our employees

Our guiding principles

Our code of conduct unifies applicable laws with international standards, operational rules, Südzucker corporate guidelines as well as obligations related to employees’ working relationship with Südzucker. From these we derive our guidelines, which provide a summary framework for our conduct:
  • We uphold integrity in business transactions.
  • We produce high-quality, safe products.
  • We treat our environment responsibly.
  • We protect our information.
  • We communicate fully, correctly and clearly.
  • We treat our employees with fairness and respect.
  • Adhering to these guidelines and the rules of the code of conduct is a key component of Südzucker’s corporate image as a trustworthy, reliable partner.

Our strengths

Diversity – By diversifying our corporate structure, product portfolio, markets and employees, we ensure that our company’s foundation is strong.
Competence – Our core competence is large-scale processing of agricultural materials in diverse business segments. Our expertise covers the entire value added chain – from our suppliers to our customers – including the associated logistics and use of our products. Our proficiency is based on our highly skilled, motivated employees. They embody our know-how, our experience and our innovation capability in production, distribution, sales and marketing and logistics.
Sustainability – We conserve resources when producing our products and aim to fully utilize the agricultural raw materials.
Diversity, competence and sustainability combine to give Südzucker its strong market Position.