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Sugar assortment


Icing sugar  
Südzucker icing sugar's fine, powdery consistency is made by pulverizing conventional refined sugar. The finest crystals are so small that they are no longer visible to the naked eye. The product is ideal for dusting cookies, Bundt cake, crêpes, waffles and soufflés, as well as making glazes.   

Icing sugar mill  
Südzucker's icing sugar mill lets you freshly grind the extremely delicate sugar and sprinkle it even more easily on cakes, desserts, cookies and other fine baked goods.   

Extra-fine sugar
Südzucker's extra-fine sugar consists of extra-fine crystals that dissolve extremely rapidly. It is ideally suited for fine pastries, very fine cakes and tortes.

Nibs sugar
Nibs sugar looks like hailstones. Refined sugar is moistened, pressed, dried in blocks and then crushed into coarse pieces. It is ideal for decorating tea biscuits, braided yeast buns, breakfast waffles, cakes and Christmas cookies.

Brown sugar
Südzucker brown sugar gets its fine caramelized aroma from pleasant tasting sugar syrups, which are crystallized into a golden brown sugar using a sophisticated process. Ideal for baking with nuts, almonds, chocolate and dried fruits for German lebkuchen, gingerbread, fruitcake and almond biscuits, it can also be used for muesli, soufflés, stewed fruit, fruit salad, spicy chutneys and much more.