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Sugar assortment

Exotic varieties

Cane sugar
Südzucker cane sugar is crystallized from brown cane sugar syrup, which gives it its characteristic caramel-like flavor and brown color. The shade of brown varies naturally, partially depending on the originating country of the cane sugar. Cane sugar cubes are produced by moistening the sugar, pressing it into molds and drying it.
The cane sugar sold by Südzucker complies with the requirements of Transfair, the fair trade organization, and thus is labeled with the fair trade logo. This arm's-length seal guarantees consumers that by purchasing the product, they are contributing to improving the life and working conditions of the farmers in the originating regions, as well as to the promotion of environmental protection.

Organic cane sugar
Südzucker's organic cane sugar is made from sugar cane grown in audited plantations that do not use synthetic fertilizers or other chemical products. Since the entire production process complies with the requirements of the EU's Organic regulations, our organic cane sugar is qualified to be labeled with the organic seal of the German ministry for consumer protection.

Cane sugar sticks
The fine, caramel-like flavour makes cane sugar sticks ideal for sweetening all kinds of hot drinks. Packed in 50 practical single portions of 5 g each, the sticks filled with fine cane sugar are the right companion for every occasion.

White cane sugar
As its name suggests, white cane sugar is made from sugar cane and not from the beet grown here. By multiple refining the sugar gets its white colour and differs thereby from the known brown variant.

Candico Sugars of the World
Additionally, Südzucker offers exotic sugars and alternative sweeteners under the brand name "Candico Sugars of the World".Bio-KokosblütenzuckerBio-Agavensüsse