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Sugar assortment

Jam/preserving sugar

Südzucker supplies six kinds of preserving sugar.
Jam sugar - Südzucker Gelier Zucker 1plus1
Used in a ratio of one part fruit to one part jam sugar, this is the classic preserving sugar for jams, marmalade and jellies. Gelier Zucker 1plus1 gives marmalade, jams and jellies a full flavor, perfect sweetness and a long shelf life without the need for preservatives. Best of all, it takes only four minutes of boiling time to complete the process. Gelier ZUcker 1plus1 contains sugar, citric acid and the gelling agent pectin.

Jam sugar - Südzucker Gelier Zucker 2plus1
Gelier Zucker 2plus1 is used for fruity spreads in a ratio of two parts fruit to one part sugar. Gelier Zucker 2plus1 contains sugar, fruit pectin and citric acid, as well as the preservative sorbic acid.

Jam sugar - Südzucker Gelier Zucker 3plus1
Gelier Zucker 3plus1 is for fruity spreads with extra-high fruit concentration. Three parts fruit are added to one part jam sugar. The sugar contains the gelling agent pectin, the acidifier citric acid and the preservative sorbic acid.

Jam sugar - Fix & Fruchtig
Preparing your favorite fruit spreads is much faster when using Fix & Fruchtig. Just mix the jam sugar and the prepared fruit (two parts fruit, one part Fix & Fruchtig), purée for forty-five seconds and voilà, you're done! No boiling required! In addition to sugar, Fix & Fruchtig contains pectin, the acidifier citric acid, the calcium salt calcium citrate and the preservative calium sorbate. Fruit spreads made using Fix & Fruchtig can therefore be stored in the refrigerator for up to eight weeks.

Preserving sugar - Südzucker Einmach Zucker
Einmach Zucker is perfect for preserving fruits, for stewed fruit and sauce. It consists of coarse, evenly sized crystals that dissolve very slowly, thus reducing the amount of foam produced in the process.

Jam sugar - Südzucker Bio Gelier Rohrzucker 1plus1
Organic jam cane sugar 1plus1 is used for the production of fruity, aromatic marmalades, jams and jellies of the best organic quality. In contrast to the other Südzucker jam sugars, which all consist of sugar from the domestic beet, the organic variant uses sugar from organically grown sugar cane.

Why can't jam sugar be stored for as long as normal sugar?
The chemical structure of pectin contained in jam sugar is sensitive to heat and acids, for example. An edible acid (citric acid) is, however, necessary to make jam with jam sugar. This means that jam sugar must always be stored in a cool and dry place and used before the "Best before" date.

For how long can jam sugar be stored?
The storage life of jam sugar is determined by the sensitive vegetable constituent (gelling agent) pectin. The jam sugar 1plus1 contains a pectin that limits its storage life to about 18 months. A more stable type of pectin is used in the jam sugars 2plus1 and 3plus1, which means that they have a minimum storage life of 36 months.